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Yum Ned Minnow Review

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A downsized baitfish imitation designed for the Ned Rig. The Ned Minnow has an ultra lifelike appearance and an action to match it.

Estimated price: $2.99
  • Subtle baitfish imitation
  • 2.75 inch profile
  • Detailed textured scales & 2D fins
  • Infused with Yum's proprietary attractant

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Compact baitfish profile
  • Accurate body shape and detail. The Yum Ned Minnow has lifelike 3D fins and textured scales. This is a level of detail we don't see on many soft plastics
  • Lovely natural kicking action on retrieve and fall
  • Flat nose makes this bait perfect for a mushroom-style Ned Rig jighead
  • Infused with YUM's attractant and scent
  • One of the few true baitfish profiles among Ned Rig baits
  • Great versatility - While this bait was made for the Ned Rig it is equally effective fished on other finesse rigs including drop shot

Reasons not to buy

  • Not as durable as the Z-Man Ned baits
  • Limited color options

Reviews from our Readers

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Feb 13, 2023
Seems to be a very effective bait. Haven't fished it enough to give a full report back but I have had solid success with it so far. A lot of effort went into the design of this bait. It has lovely little intricate details which make it feel very lifelike. Wish there were a few more color options.

Bottom Line

The YUM Ned Minnow is a refreshing addition to the Ned soft plastic market. We don't see too many true baitfish-profile Ned Baits, YUM has managed to create one that fishes incredibly well on a Ned jighead.

The Ned Minnow has a super lifelike appearance and action, and is a deadly presentation when bass are feeding on small baitfish at the bottom of the water column. While it works well on a Ned Rig, it can also be used on drop shot or scrounger.

One standout feature of this bait is the level of detail that was put into its design. The 3D fins and scaled body really do a lot to make this bait feel natural and lifelike. This is a must-try for someone looking to switch things up in their Ned Rig game.


About the brand

YUM is responsible for providing some of the finest soft plastics, while being at an affordable price. YUM covers virtually all kinds of soft plastics, for various species and waters.

Many anglers turn to YUM as they provide more affordable and extremely durable baits, without losing out on bites.

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