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Z-Man TRD CrawZ Review

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An ultra realistic crayfish imitation designed for the Ned rig. A fantastic addition to the TRD family of plastics.

Estimated price: $4.99
  • Super realistic crayfish imitation
  • Compact 2.5 inch profile
  • Buoyant and durable Elaztech material
  • Designed for the Ned rig

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Fantastic, stand up natural action thanks to the buoyant plastic, especially when fished on a Ned rig
  • Compact profile makes it very appealing to finicky fish
  • Elaztech plastic is incredibly tough and will last for 10 - 20 fish before tearing
  • Huge versatility, can be fished on just about any finesse presentation and is perfectly at home on the back of a jig
  • Anglers say this bait is particularly effective for bedding fish

Reasons not to buy

  • Tough to critique these, feedback from anglers has been overwhelmingly positive

Reviews from our Readers

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Feb 06, 2023
Absolute killer for finicky fish. I fish these on a tiny child rig with a Shroomz weight screwed into the back and let me say, they flat out catch fish. If you want a go-to bait for when the fishing gets super tough, grab yourself a few bags of these.

Bottom Line

The Z-Man TRD CrawZ has become yet another successful member of the TRD family. It's compact profile and accurate craw presentation is dynamite for finicky fish, especially when they are bedding. In addition to being effective for getting bites, the durability provided by the Elaztech material makes these baits incredibly durable.

Overall this is a versatile finesse bait that gets bites all over the country and is a must try for any finesse fishing enthusiast.


How do you fish the TRD CrawZ?

The TRD CrawZ was designed to be fished on a Ned Rig. It's compact profile, buoyancy and lifelike action makes it perfect for this finesse technique. Having said that, the TRD CrawZ is also commonly used as a finesse jig trailer and as a downsized pitching bait on a Texas Rig when bass are looking for smaller, more vulnerable prey.

Does the Z-Man TRD CrawZ float?

Yes it does! The bait is made from Z-Man's famous Elaztech material which is buoyant and will float unless weighted down. This buoyancy is what makes this bait so deadly on a Ned Rig as it causes the bait to stand up off the bottom, making it visible to bass.

About the brand

For more than 30 years, Z-Man has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers. Z-Man's cutting edge 10X Tough ElaZtech soft plastics and ChatterBait brand bladed jigs are among the world's premier fresh and saltwater baits - positioning themselves as one of the fastest growing lure brands in the United States.

Their Tough ElaZtech soft plastic material is remarkably soft and pliable, and has gained an immense reputation for having some of the most durable soft plastic baits in the industry. With this, the unique material is also naturally buoyant and floats up off the bottom, creating a more lifelike and attractive action for any bass or gamefish. One other huge benefit of Z-Man's baits, is that they contain no PVC, plastisol or phthalates, and are non-toxic. This means using these baits will have no impact on the ecosystem.

Z-Man continues to work with leading Bass Elite and FLW Tour anglers to develop the most innovative and eye-catching soft plastics on the market.

Some of Z-Man's most popular soft baits for bass:

A few professionals that Z-Man work with:

  • Seth Feider
  • Brian Latimer
  • David Walker