How we rate products

Our aim is to help you cut out the clutter and find the right tackle choice without the hassle. We gather real customer reviews from around the web and combine them into a single rating score. Through this, you get a quick overview of products you are considering purchasing based on real, objective customer reviews.

Countless hours of reading tackle reviews on the web... Annoying
Check our quick, easy, objective rating... Simple & efficient

What does the number mean?

The number provided on each of our reviews is simply a conversion of the average customer review score of a product to a number out of 100. For example, a product with an average customer rating of 4/5 will convert to a rating score of 80.

The color of the rating depends on its score:

  • 80 - 100 = Superb
  • 85 - 89 = Great
  • 80 - 84 = Good
  • 75 - 79 = Mixed
  • 75 or less = Not Great

How we determine these scores

These scores are determined by reviews left by readers on our product review page. All product review pages allow readers to leave feedback on 4 key parameters, depending on product type. We capture each rating provided and generate an average score based on the entire review pool for each respective product. That is the main score you see at the top of each product listing.

How we write our reviews

Each product review contains summarized information, optimized for scanning so you can get the information you need about a product quickly. The information we provide is based on the feedback readers leave to generate a product's score. We continuously update product review write ups based on the feedback we receive on each product to eliminate bias and give you the most objective, useful information possible.