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Best Worms for a Wacky Rig: 4 Top Soft Plastics

The wacky rig is widely considered one of the, if not the most effective all-round technique for catching bass. It catches big bass, small bass and finicky fish any time of the year and is a finesse technique that should form part of everyone’s bass fishing strategy. A wacky rig almost always makes use of a soft plastic stickbait and with so many of these on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. This article will explain why a stickbait is so effective for the wacky techniques and will also show you which options look the best on a wacky hook.

Best Worms for a Wacky Rig: 4 Top Soft Plastics

Why use a Stickbait Style Worm for a Wacky Rig

There are a few key reasons that a stickbait style worm is the best choice for a wacky rig. The ones you really need to know are explained below.

Stickbaits have Solid Weight

Most of the time, you will be fishing a wacky rig weightless. Keeping the presentation weightless allows for a very subtle action and ensures that the bait stays in the fish’s vision for an extended period of time. Compared to your standard, straight tail worm, a stickbait is thick and bulky.

This of course gives the lure more weight and ensures that the lure sinks when it hits the water. To add additional weight, most stickbaits on the market are salt impregnated. This gives the bait even more weight and further improves sink rate and castability.

Thinner diameter, lighter worms in most cases will sink too slowly to be efficient and be far more difficult to cast than a stickbait.

Subtle but Irresistible Action

A stickbait is a lot more rigid than a standard, straight tail worm. This rigidity may sounds like a negative but it is actually essential for the famous wacky falling action. On the fall, a stickbait’s ‘appendages’ on either side of the hook perform a subtle, natural looking waving motion and it is this that triggers strikes from even the most finicky bass. 

4 of the Best Stickbait Worms for a Wacky Rig

Stickbaits have risen in popularity over the last 10 years or so and there are now many products to choose from. To help you decide what to buy, we have given an overview of the best ones on the market below:

Gary Yamamoto Senko

The Yamamoto Senko is the undisputed king of the wacky rig and the stickbait that set the standard back in 1996. This bait may well catch more fish than any other soft plastic on the market and has done so for 

long time now. The Senko contains a huge amount of salt giving it some serious weight resulting in a solid sink rate and fantastic castability. It’s action is iconic and if you are going to be fishing a wacky rig, you absolutely have to give these a try.

 best worm for a wacky rig senko

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Strike King Ocho

The Strike King Ocho is unique because of its unusual shape. Instead of being round like most stickbaits, it has an octagonal profile with 8 flat sides and this helps contribute to its subtle but effective falling action. The Ocho is made with Strike King’s perfect plastics material, which is incredibly soft, packed with salt and also very durable compared to other heavily salted baits like the Yamamoto Senko. Top that all off with Strike King’s unique coffee scent and you have yourself a deadly wacky presentation.

 best worm for a wacky rig ocho

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Berkley Powerbait General

This is a stickbait with some real x-factor. It offers a classic stickbait profile and action and is infused with the deadly Berkley Powerbait Maxscent. This scent helps attract more fish and has been proven to make bass hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook. The General also offers up some solid durability meaning you can catch multiple fish on a single bait. I have to say, I am starting to see Generals on more and more anglers’ wacky setups these days and it is for one reason, they flat out get bites!

 best worm for a wacky rig general
The General

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Yum Dinger

The YUM dinger is another classic stickbait and has been a reliable tool in anglers’ tackle boxes for a long time now. The bait is heavily salted and has a beautiful action on the fall. While more expensive stickbaits like the Senko may have the edge in terms of action, the Dinger comes in at a much lower price point making it a fantastic option for the angler looking for a great wacky worm at a modest price.

 best worm for a wacky rig yum dinger

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Wrapping up

While you can fish just about any soft plastic wacky style, the stickbait is undoubtedly the most popular and successful bait you can use for this technique. The four products listed above have stood the test of time and have all been used by amateur and pro anglers alike to put some serious fish in the boat. We hope this article helps you choose the right worm for your wacky rig setup.

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