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Best Fishing Line for a Baitcaster Reel: Bass Fishing

We break down the best fishing lines for a baitcaster for bass fishing, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of all the main line types.

The Best Line for Your Spinning Reel: Bass Fishing

Understanding the characteristics of each fishing line will go a long way in determining the best line for your spinning reel. We dive deep into the topic of line choice for your spinning reel when targeting bass.

Best Chatterbait Trailers for Bass: 3 Styles of Soft Plastics

The chatterbait just simply looks better with a trailer. We highlight some of the best chatterbait trailers for bass, as well as when to apply them.

What is the Best Size Bullet Weight to use for a Texas Rig?

To simplify the process of selecting sinker size for a Texas rig, it is important to understand a few key concepts. We breakdown these concepts to distinguish the best weight for a Texas rig.

Best Ned Rig Colors: Color Selection Guide

An intuitive guide to choosing the best ned rig color based on the conditions you are fishing in

Best Baits for Spawning Bass: 5 Epic Lures for Spring Bass

The spawn can be a tough time of year to locate and get bass to bite. We outline some of the best baits for spawning bass as well as key patterns to understand when searching for a lunker in the spring.

The Best Line for Finesse Fishing: Two Top Options

Line choice is key for effective finesse fishing. Here are two proven approaches to selecting line for finesse fishing

Best Shaky Head Weight for Bass: An In-Depth Guide

The shaky head is one of the most satisfying finesse techniques out there as well as a fish-catching machine. Here's all you need to know on the best shaky head weights for catching loads of bass.

Best Weedless Lures for Bass: 5 Baits for Fishing Heavy Cover

Fishing heavy cover gives us access to strike zones we never thought were possible, and it's a powerful method for targeting pressured fish! Here are some of the best weedless lures for bass.

Best Ned Rig Head Size for Bass: Tip & Tricks

The ned rig, like other finesse techniques, is one that just simply catches fish. Choosing the best head size can be tough, so we've broken the key things to note when making a selection.

Best Fishing Line for Crankbait Bass Fishing: In-Depth Guide

Fishing line is a crucial element for getting the best action and coverage out of our crankbait. Let's talk about the best line for crankbait bass fishing.

Best Carolina Rig Baits for Bass: 5 Soft Plastics You Need

The Carolina rig remains one of bass fishing's most powerful techniques for getting bass in the boat. Here are the 5 best Carolina rig baits that'll get bit in the most challenging conditions.

Best Line for the Texas Rig: The Ultimate Guide

The Texas rig is a technique we turn to when we're fishing heavy vegetation and other forms of exposed cover which is tough on our tackle. Let's look at some of the best fishing line for the Texas rig.

What Spinnerbait to use in Muddy Water: Tips & Tricks

Going for bass after a cold front is usually a tough task and water conditions are usually unfavorable. We provide insights on what spinnerbait to use in muddy conditions.

Choosing the Right Size Hook for the Wacky Rig: An In-Depth Guide

The wacky rig is a technique that'll do the job all season, but there's often a misconception of what hook should be used for it. We've broken down what is the best size hook for the wacky rig.

Best Bass Lures for Shore Fishing: 5 Must Have Baits

Putting a simple, effective selection of lures is essential for success from the shore. In this article we break down 5 of the best bass lures for shore fishing.

Best Carolina Rig Setup for Bass: The Ball & Chain Rig

The Carolina rig is one of the OG techniques when it comes to bass fishing. It remains a powerful offshore technique that'll catch fish all day. We outline the best Carolina rig setup for bass.

Best Lures for Summer Pond Bass Fishing: 5 Essential Baits

Bass fishing is a skill that one can practice and improve on and pond fishing is an epic way to do it. Here are some of the best bass lures for summer pond fishing to get you started.

Best Hook for a Wacky Rig: 3 Unique Hook Styles

Choosing the right hook for a wacky rig is incredibly important. With so many options on the market it can be difficult to make a choice and we help this article helps you out with that.

Best Ned Rig Baits for Bass: 5 Incredible Soft Plastics

The ned rig remains one of the most unique and odd presentations in the sport of bass fishing. However, it's a prolific fish-catcher and it's growing in popularity all the time. We have a look at 5 of the best ned rig baits.

Best Neko Rig Setup for Bass: Rod, Reel, Line

The neko rig is one of the most powerful ways to target pressured bass in any system. It's a finesse technique that requires lighter gear to match it. We dive into the neko rig setup for bass.

Best Bass Fishing Lures for Early Spring: 5 Epic Baits for Pre-Spawn

Early spring brings about a time of change for bass. We say goodbye to winter and welcome warmer waters and longer days on the boat. These are some of the best bass fishing lures for early spring.

Best Worms for a Wacky Rig: 4 Top Soft Plastics

To get the most out of a wacky rig, you need to be using the right bait. In this article we explain what type of bait to choose and review four of the best options on the market today.

Best Texas Rig Setup for Bass: Rod, Reel, Line, Tackle

Who doesn't enjoy fishing some of the heaviest vegetation in our favorite lake? The Texas rig is made for these situations. We dive into the Texas setup for bass, and what is needed to get more fish in the boat.

Best Topwater Rod for Spooks: Key Specs & Features

Fishing a spook is as good as it gets. To give yourself the best chance of converting those topwater explosions into fish catches, you need to be using a rod that supports the technique. We break down some important considerations in this article.

Best Size Drop Shot Hook: Making a Selection

Choosing the best possible size for a drop shot hook can be broken down into simple considerations and can help you get a lot more bites. Here's a quick guide on hook selection for one of the most prolific techniques in bass fishing.

Best Color Braided Fishing Line for Bass: 2 Color Types You Need

Braid is an absolute necessity for any serious bass fisherman. But what is the best color braided fishing line for bass? We analze two key styles.

The Best Line for Shaky Head Fishing: 2 Key Options

Line application is the most important component for any finesse technique. We analyze some options and look to what is the best line for shaky head fishing.

Caffeine Shad vs Super Fluke: The Differences You Need to Know

There is no doubting the power of soft plastic jerkbaits. We decided to outline the differences between two of the biggest players on the market.

Wacky Rig O Ring Substitute: Save Even More Senkos

What if we told you there is an awesome substitute for an O ring. And what if we told you it is even more effective. In this article we explain the best substitute for a wacky rig and how to use it.

Best Color Crankbait for Bass: 4 Key Tips on Color Selection

Color selection for any technique in bass fishing is absolutely critical. Here, we look to help you choose the best color crankbait for bass - no matter what kind of system you're fishing.

Line Diameter and Bass Fishing: The Truth About Fishing Line

Shiraz Jogee dives deep into the importance of fishing line, and more specifically, line diameter. Broaden your knowledge on the link between you and your bait and use it to catch more bass.