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Shimano Bantam A Review

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The Shimano Bantam A baitcasting reel is another favorite from Shimano that provides epic smoothness and casting ability. There's just something about the MGL spool that everyone seems to love.

Estimated price: $349.99
  • Available in 6.2:1, 7.1:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratios
  • 8 ball bearings
  • Centrifugal braking system
  • 11lb max drag

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • New Bantam model for 2022 with epic improvements such as adding Infinity Drive and the MGL III spool
  • Hagane metal-free body is rigid and light - reel comes in at 7.6 ounces
  • MGL III spool (MagnumLite) is designed for casting lighter applications as well as being more efficient with all lure weights
  • Infinity Drive is another addon to the new Bantam. Infinity Drive is there is aid reeling efficiency and overall smoothness
  • CoreSolid body means that the sideplate and the frame are one-piece. This aids sensitivity and there are no joints or welds that may reduce vibrations
  • MicroModule Gear system provides the utmost smoothness and power supply
  • Cross Carbon Drag ensures you'll be able to pull any bass out of any situation
  • Versatile reel that can be used for many techniques
  • As expected - the casting on the new Bantam is incredible
  • Easy to pick up reel as it is very forgiving
  • Variety of gear ratios for different applications and techniques
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews from all over

Reasons not to buy

  • You'll be able to find lighter reels at this price point - this reel is built for power
  • Price is on the higher end

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Drag Quality
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Reviewed by: Rick
Dec 02, 2022
Always been a big fan of the Bantams. Picked up one of these new ones and it did not disappoint.

Bottom Line

The Bantam series from Shimano was the first line of low profile baitcasting reels from the brand. This reel continues to evolve and turn the heads of some of the pickiest bass anglers. The new Bantam has resulted in two major upgrades including: 

  • MGL III spool - lighter spool while keeping functional structure. This makes casting lighter lures better as well as being more efficient with heavier baits
  • Infinity Drive - The purpose of Shimano's Infinity Drive is to reeling more efficient and smooth

This reel looks incredible and we're sure it's going to get snapped off the shelves.


About the brand

Shimano is arguably the biggest and most respected name in fishing. They are responsible for producing some of the most ground-breaking tackle ever seen, and they continue to lead the market in all forms of fishing.

Shimano has taken a key interest in bass fishing, and have developed the finest baitcasting reels on today's shelves. Many other brands constantly look to Shimano for ideas, as they seldom put a foot wrong.

You simply cannot go wrong with a piece of Shimano gear.

Professionals who work with Shimano:

  • Keith Combs
  • Brett Preuett
  • Bernie Shultz

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