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Shimano Metanium DC

Shimano Metanium DC Review

Rated 93.8/100 overall based on feedback from 2 users
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The Shimano Metanium DC is quite simply one of the most impressive baitcasting reels out there and provides the best when it comes to smoothness and casting no matter the lure, or the weather.

Estimated price: $499
  • Available in 7.4:1 and 8.5:1 gear ratios
  • 10 ball bearings
  • Electronic braking system
  • 11lb max drag

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Magnesium frame with carbon sideplates gives this reel a light but tough housing
  • Said by many to be the best casting reel on the market
  • The ultimate when it comes to smoothness, casting and backlash prevention
  • MicroModule gearing system is extremely durable and provides a retrieve which feels like butter
  • Digital Control braking system has been a major success for Shimano as it makes casting a lure of virtually any weight smooth and forgiving
  • Can cast a country mile with ease
  • Does a brilliant job of preventing backlash in windy conditions
  • There are virtually no negatives found about this reel, apart from the price tag!

Reasons not to buy

  • As good as this reel is, it comes at a hefty price and is one of the most expensive casting reels on today's shelves
  • The Metanium MGL casts a little further than the DC model
  • The Metanium MGL is slightly more affordable, which may be a better option for some. The MGL spool is also epic!

Reviews from our Readers

2 users
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Drag Quality
Reel Value
Overall rating
Reviewed by:
Feb 10, 2023
This is an absolutely incredible reel. The braking system literally makes casting a lure of any weight easy, even into a solid head wind. The noise the DC system makes is also very satisfying. Casting distance is not quite up there with the MGL version of the Metanium but on all-round performance and versatility, my vote goes to the Metanium DC.
Overall rating
Reviewed by: Steven
Dec 02, 2022
The best (and most expensive) reel I have ever owned. Can't explain how good this reel feels!

Bottom Line

Not much else can be said about the Metanium DC. It is quite simply one of the most impressive reels we've come across and it is guaranteed to enhance your angling experience. The Metanium DC gives anglers the chance to toss lures of all weights and styles in all kinds of conditions. The DC braking system pretty much eliminates backlashes and maximizes casting distance.

If you're serious about your angling, we couldn't recommend this reel more highly, but you're going to need some budget. Some other, more affordable ranges that have models using the DC braking system include the Curado and the SLX.


When did the Shimano Metanium DC come out?

The Shimano Metanium DC came out in 2015.

Can you use the Metanium DC in Saltwater?

In theory, yes but its not recommended. The Metanium DC is considered saltwater compliant but for a reel of this price, it is highly recommended that you use it in freshwater only. Saltwater is always going to be harder on your gear. We would say keep it salt free unless you are going to be meticulous about servicing it.

About the brand

Shimano is arguably the biggest and most respected name in fishing. They are responsible for producing some of the most ground-breaking tackle ever seen, and they continue to lead the market in all forms of fishing.

Shimano has taken a key interest in bass fishing, and have developed the finest baitcasting reels on today's shelves. Many other brands constantly look to Shimano for ideas, as they seldom put a foot wrong.

You simply cannot go wrong with a piece of Shimano gear.

Professionals who work with Shimano:

  • Keith Combs
  • Brett Preuett
  • Bernie Shultz