Best Drop Shot Baits for Bass: 5 of the Finest Soft Plastics

The drop shot rig is simply taking over the sport of bass fishing. It’s a technique that’ll catch fish bass in any water and under any circumstance. One of the key reasons for this is the way a drop shot bait is presented. The weight at the bottom with the bait flowing freely in the water column after a slight twitch is hard to ignore for a lingering bass.

Best Drop Shot Baits for Bass: 5 of the Finest Soft Plastics

5 of the Best of Drop Shot Baits for Bass

With the growth in popularity of the drop shot rig, came the development and modernization of the baits that go with it. Right now we have access to some of the most lifelike and natural-looking soft plastics ever seen and they get loads of bites on a drop shot rig. 

Some of the pioneers of drop shot baits such as Roboworm have set a high standard for this technique, and although many have tried to emulate these baits - Roboworm soft plastics remain one of the top options on any shelf. 

Here we will list some of the most game-changing baits in the history of bass fishing. These baits have been optimized to look incredible on a drop shot rig and their fish-catching ability is outstanding.

Please note, all of the links in this piece will go to our review of the bait, where you can get further insight from fellow anglers. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best drop shot baits for bass fishing: 

Strike King Dream Shot

The Strike King Dream Shot was designed by Kevin VanDam to thrive on a drop shot rig. The Dream Shot is made out of an incredibly soft plastic that is sensitive to the slightest of rod twitches. 

The Dream Shot was designed to be the drop shot version of the Caffeine Shad, which is more of a soft jerkbait. The Dream Shot has a similar falling action of the Caffeine Shad and it looks incredible when hovering above the bottom. 

A hinged tail section adds considerable movement during a rod twitch and if you’re in a bass’s area, they’ll struggle to not come and eat it. 

Strike King’s Open Pour technology allows for a unique blend of colors that Strike King is so well-known for and there’s a color to fit any water clarity.

The Dream Shot is without a doubt one of our favorite drop shot baits and it’ll often be our first pick when fishing offshore for smallmouth.

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The Dream Shot in a Green Pumpkin

Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flat Worm

Berkley remains one of the most innovative soft bait companies in bass fishing. They continue to develop features that all bass anglers seem to love and their fish-catching ability is hard to beat. 

Their Maxscent Flat Worm has turned many heads, especially when it comes to the drop shot rig. This bait consists of an incredibly soft material that has plenty of movement and flow in the water and its smaller profile is often the best option for finicky bass.

One of the key features of this bait that anglers can’t seem to get enough of is Berkley’s Maxscent. This formula seems to attract more bites and bass tend to hold on for a little longer - this is a hugely beneficial factor when fishing on a semi-slack line.

The Flat Worm has a wide variety of colors for all kinds of water qualities and this is just another bait that we won’t leave at home when going on a mission. 

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The Flat Worm in a Smoke Black Purple

Gary Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm

The Shad Shape Worm is Yamamoto’s weapon for the drop shot rig. This bait absolutely destroys smallmouth and its detailed body looks incredible on a twitch.

A common feature we see in drop shot baits is the flat-sided body. This helps create a slight resistance on the fall, leaving the bait in the strike zone for a little longer. 

The thin tail along with the ribbed body creates a unique gliding action, giving this bait that little bit of flare. 

Yamamoto has included 13 different colors in their Shad Shape Worm collection, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from.

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The Shad Shape Worm in a Green Pumpkin with Watermelon

Strike King Half Shell

Strike King’s Half Shell is a unique drop shot pattern that continues to grow in popularity. This bait was designed to sit horizontally in the water column and its detailed but streamlined tail helps give the Half Shell an erratic darting action with the smallest of twitches.

This bait is slightly different from your usual ‘worm’ profile, however, it’s a proven weapon on a drop shot and smallmouth bass absolutely love it. 

Strike King’s Open Pour technology provides some of the finest and original colors we’ve seen and there’s a pattern for water clarity.

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The Half Shell in a Desert Craw

Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

Roboworm’s Straight Tail Worm has arguably won more money than any other soft bait on the market. The free-flowing action of the Straight Tail Worm on a drop shot is something to behold and many brands have tried to emulate it.

A wide variety of sizes gives one the option to downsize or upsize with regards to the water they’re fishing, and 65 of the coolest hand-poured colors means there are virtually endless options. 

There’s not much else to be said about the Roboworm Straight Tail Worm, it’s simply one of the best soft plastics ever developed. If you’re into drop shot, you need a bag of these!

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The Straight Tail Worm in Aaron's Magic

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