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How to Fish The Drop Shot Rig for Smallmouth Bass: Tips, Tricks, Setup

Using the drop shot rig for smallmouth bass is one of the most effective ways to target these epic freshwater game fish. Here, we look at why this bait is so effective in getting these fish to eat.

Swim Jig vs. Chatterbait: Which is Better for Bass Fishing?

Understand the differences between the swim jig and the chatterbait and know when is the best time to fish these powerful search baits. In this post, we look at the swim jig vs. the chatterbait.

Wake Baits For Bass Fishing: A Versatile Surface Technique

In this article, we cover wake baits in detail, exploring when, where, and why to use them, and how to fish them effectively.

Ultra Light Bass Fishing: Tips and Techniques for Success

Ultra light bass fishing offers a unique bass fishing experience and can be a secret weapon for finicky fish. In this article I explain everything you need to get started with ultra light bass fishing.

Spinnerbait vs. Chatterbait: Comparing Two Bass Fishing Weapons

Discover the key differences between a spinnerbait and chatterbait in the realm of bass fishing. We cover the effectiveness, the ideal conditions, and specialized features of each bait. Let's talk about the spinnerbait vs. the chatterbait.

Fishing the Weightless Texas Rig for Bass: The Ultimate Finesse Technique

Learn the secrets of understanding and fishing the weightless Texas rig for bass like a pro. As a simple finesse technique to fish and set up, it's worth it for every bass angler to add the weightless Texas rig to their arsenal.

Free Rig for Bass Fishing: A New Secret Weapon

Learn how to fish the free rig for bass fishing, a deadly rig that has gained huge popularity in the last few years thanks to a unique, free moving sinker motion. A proven pressured fish catcher.

Best Neko Rig Baits for Bass: 5 World-Class Options

Unlock the ultimate bass-catching potential with the best neko rig baits. Explore our comprehensive guide to discover the top-rated baits for this highly effective finesse technique.

Buzzbait vs Spinnerbait: Battle of the Blades

There's often plenty of confusion amongst the application and presentation of these two unique baits. We look to clarify the key differences between the Buzzbait and the Spinnerbait.

How to Fish a Drop Shot Rig for Largemouth Bass: In-Depth Guide

The drop shot has won more money than any other rig on the bass fishing circuit, but is this technique only for Smallmouth? We dive into the drop shot rig for largemouth bass, and why it might be worth adding to your arsenal of techniques.

What is Finesse Bass Fishing? Meaning, Setup, Techniques

Finesse bass fishing is simply the most effective way to catch bass consistently. Understanding the process of finesse techniques will enhance your versatility majorly.

Drop Shot Rigging for Bass Fishing

The Drop Shot rig is arguably the most successful finesse application when it comes to bass fishing. The varying ways to present this rig also makes it one of the most versatile.

Carolina Rig vs. Texas Rig vs. Drop Shot: 3 Classic Bass Fishing Techniques

Three bass fishing techniques that changed the sport. But are the differences between the Carolina rig, the Texas rig, and the Drop Shot rig?

Football Jig Fishing: Setup, Techniques, Zones

Football jig fishing continues to go in popularity within the sport of bass fishing. We dive deep into the process and setup needed for getting more bass with this altered approach to jig fishing.

How To Fish a Jerkbait for Bass: An In-Depth Guide

The jerkbait is without a doubt one of the most effective reaction baits out there. This guide covers all the key aspects on how to fish a jerkbait, as well as the importance of having the technique in your arsenal.

How to Fish a Neko Rig for Bass: Techniques, Setup, Tips

The neko rig is another one of those delicate presentations that'll get the job done when nothing else seems to be getting bit. We dive into the process of how to fish a neko rig for bass.

How To Fish a Shaky Head Worm: Catch More Pressured Bass

The shaky head is one of the most effective finesse techniques while being one of the most basic rigs to get going with. This piece will give you the lowdown on how to fish the shaky head worm and why it's so effective for pressured bass.

How to Fish a Spinnerbait for Bass: 3 Unique Techniques

The spinnerbait is regarded as an 'old lure', but it remains one of the most fun ways to catch bass in any condition. We dive into this classic lure and outline how to fish a spinnerbait for bass.

How to Fish a Swim Jig for Bass: Setup, Zones, Retrieval

The swim jig is a slightly altered version of the original jig, giving it a more baitfish-like presentation. We dive deep into the process of fishing a swim jig effectively and catching more bass with it.

How To Fish a Topwater Frog Lure: Catch Big Bass on Top

Topwater frog lure fishing is one of the most exhilarating techniques when it comes to bass fishing. We look at how to fish a topwater frog lure for bass, and what is needed in terms of rod, reel, and line to get that adrenalin-packed topwater bite.

How to Fish a Tokyo Rig for Bass: Techniques, Setup, Tips

Our comprehensive guide dives deep into the art of fishing a Tokyo rig for bass, equipping you with expert insights, techniques, and strategies. Unlock the potential of this modern approach and add another skill to your bass fishing game.

How To Catch Pressured Bass: Size Down and Slow Down

Fishing a pressured system can be a frustrating and difficult task. Making minor adjustments to your approach can get those spooky bass to bite again.

Must Know Ned Rig Retrieves: 3 Reliable Methods

Master the art of retrieving a Ned Rig with our expert tips. Unleash the power of this straightforward yet highly effective finesse presentation. Understand three proven Ned Rig retrieves that are proven to bring success on the water.

How to Fish a Chatterbait for Bass: 4 Ways to Fish a Bladed Jig

Unleash the power of the chatterbait, a versatile bladed jig that reigns as a potent search bait for bass. Our comprehensive guide provides an in-depth breakdown of four proven techniques on how to effectively fish a chatterbait for bass.

How to Fish a Finesse Jig: Where, Why & Setup

Take your finesse fig fishing to the next level with this comprehensive guide outlining how to fish a finesse jig, a versatile technique that can give you an edge in tough fishing conditions.

How To Setup & Fish a Weightless Wacky Rig Senko

Learn the basics of how to fish the Weightless Wacky Rig Senko. This is a rig that has changed the game and can get you bites all year round in any conditions.

How To Rig a Neko Rig for Bass: An In-Depth Guide

Unlock the secrets of the neko rig, a game-changing variation of the wacky rig designed to entice finicky bass. Our comprehensive guide reveals the step-by-step process on how to rig a neko rig for bass, empowering you with the knowledge and techniques to master this effective setup.

Neko Rig vs. Wacky Rig: Key Differences

Two finesse techniques that possess one unique straight that bass simply cannot resist. We have a look at the Neko rig vs. the Wacky rig.

Ned Rig vs. Shaky Head: Key Differences & Tips

The ned rig vs. the shaky head. Two of arguably the most successful finesse techniques in the sport. We outline the key difference between these two unique presentations.

Pitching and Flipping for Bass: Explained

Flipping and pitching for bass is arguably the most satisfying way to work any system. We dive deep into this powerful method and explain the technique needed, as well as the best setup for this approach to bass fishing.

Shaky Head vs. Texas Rig: Key Differences

Two techniques that may seem similar in shape, but are noticeably different in operation. We outline these two successful methods and look into the shaky head vs the legendary Texas rig.

The Tiny Child Rig: The True Weedless Ned Rig

Discover the game-changing weedless Ned alternative: the Tiny Child Rig. Unleash the power of this lesser-known technique to enjoy all the advantages of the Ned Rig while minimizing frustrating snags. Learn the secrets behind this innovative rig and revolutionize your fishing experience.

Jerkbait vs. Crankbait: 2 Powerful Reaction Baits for Bass

In this article, we will explore the differences between jerkbait and crankbait and to help you decide on when to throw these powerful reaction baits.

Best Lures for Bass Fishing at Night: 4 Baits You Need for Night Time Fishing

Bass fishing at night can be incredible provided you are throwing the right lures. We break down four of the best lures for bass at night and why these baits are so effective in the later hours.

How to Fish a Ned Rig for Bass: Tips & Tricks

Master the art of fishing a Ned Rig for bass with this comprehensive guide. Discover the secrets behind this tournament-winning technique that has revolutionized the highest level of bass fishing. Gain valuable insights into its effectiveness and learn how to incorporate it into your finesse fishing repertoire for unparalleled success.

Tokyo Rig vs. Texas Rig: Key Differences

Delve into the nuances of these highly effective techniques and gain a deeper understanding of their unique strengths. Learn how to optimize your approach with expert insights on the key differences between the two. Get ready to take your fishing game to the next level with the ultimate guide to the Tokyo rig vs. the Texas rig.

The Weighted Wacky Rig for Bass Fishing: A Deep Dive

The weighted wacky rig gives you that awesome ability to cover loads of attractive water while keeping that classic 'wacky' action. We dive deep into the weighted wacky rig and break down how to fish this powerful technique.

Wacky Rig vs. Texas Rig: Understand Two Powerful Techniques

When it comes to fishing near cover, two techniques stand out: the wacky rig and the Texas rig. But which one should you choose? In this article, we explore the key differences between the wacky rig and the Texas rig to help you determine which technique is best suited for your fishing style.

Best Drop Shot Baits for Bass: 5 of the Finest Soft Plastics

Looking to improve your drop shot rig game? This technique has won more prize money than any other on the circuit, and selecting the right drop shot bait can make all the difference in your success on the water. In this article, we've compiled a list of the best drop shot baits for bass and how they're changing the game.

When to Use a Carolina Rig for Bass: 5 Key Tips

The Carolina rig is a classic technique that still proves effective in today's angling world. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages of the Carolina rig and the best situations to use it in.