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The Best Line for Shaky Head Fishing: 2 Key Options

Finesse fishing and fishing line is one of the more subjective topics when it comes to bass fishing as a whole. Each and every angler has confidence in their own methods and it can be hard to decide what suits your style best. Here, we’ll focus on the shaky head and what we feel is the best option when it comes to line application.

The Best Line for Shaky Head Fishing: 2 Key Options

What is a Shaky Head?

Simply put, a shaky head is a light application that involves a jighead-style hook that has a lighter weight and a straight-tailed finesse worm. 

The worm is rigged in a Texas-style manner, so the hook point is hidden from external threats. This gives the shaky head the ability to be fished in harsher cover where you’d normally throw your jigs or Texas rigs. 

The lighter weight on a shaky head helps create a lighter, more delicate fall, which may be more attractive to more pressured and finicky bass. 

The Best Line for a Shaky Head

Line choice for a shaky head is a very subjective topic. This is a lighter line technique, as you’ll want to match the weight of your bait with the necessary test and diameter

Braid to Fluorocarbon Leader

In our opinion, this is the best line application when it comes to fishing a shaky head. Having braid in the equation helps with a number of factors and we’ll cover those now:

  • Zero stretch: Braid has virtually zero stretch and this is absolutely vital when fishing a bait that has a hidden hook point. Having zero stretch will help with setting that hook after feeling any sort of bite
  • Color and line tracking: Having a colored braid will help with keeping track of your line after your cast. Having a semi-slack line is critical for any finesse technique, so it’s a good bonus being able to monitor any foreign movement of your line that may be a bite
  • Strength: Probably the most critical factor of all - line strength. Fishing a shaky head will often mean fishing heavier vegetation and having braid on the spool will help with getting out of any threatening situations such as getting cut-off

Best Braid and Fluorocarbon for the Shaky Head

We thought we’d recommend some of our favorite options for both braid and fluorocarbon when applying this extremely popular line application. 

Braid for the Shaky Head

You’ll struggle to find a better option than Seaguar’s Smackdown. This braid has an incredibly thin diameter with the necessary strength to match. 

This braid is also noticeably easy to manage compared to other braids - a key factor when choosing braid!

The 15lb should match any fluorocarbon line just perfectly, especially when fishing a finesse technique like the shaky head.

Fluorocarbon for the Shaky Head

You’ll want a fluorocarbon that can handle vegetation when fishing a shaky head as you’ll often be throwing your bait into some of the heavier stuff. 

Generally, you don’t want to be fishing lighter than 8lb. 6lb is far more susceptible to being snapped off, so for greater security, 8-10lb is your best bet.

Here are some great fluorocarbon options for the shaky head:

Seaguar Tatsu

Seaguar Tatsu for shaky head bass fishing

Sunline FC Sniper

These are both incredible fluorocarbons. You’ll want a fluoro that has suppleness, but also the necessary strength and abrasion resistance. 

Remember - a thinner and more supple line means a better action for your bait!

Best Pound Test Line for a Shaky Head

As it is very much a finesse technique, you'll want to use a lighter line for the shaky head. The thinner and lighter the line, the more action you're going to get out of your soft plastic. For the shaky head, 6-10lb line will do just fine.

6lb for clearer water and more finicky fish, and you can lean toward 10lb in less clear conditions, as well as if you're fishing heavier vegetation/cover. This will provide you will added protection.

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