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Best Ned Rig Baits for Bass: 5 Incredible Soft Plastics

The ned rig remains one of the most unique and bizarre techniques in bass fishing today. Along with this, it is one of the most lethal techniques when it comes to catching fish, and it continues to grow in popularity. The ned rig is less versatile when it comes to bait selection. This technique requires shorter, stubbier bait profiles that are generally no longer than 3 inches. Here, we will outline some of the best ned rig baits on the market, helping you decide on your next bag.

Best Ned Rig Baits for Bass: 5 Incredible Soft Plastics

Fishing The Ned Rig for Bass

Designed and tested by Ned Kehde, the ned rig is a lighter line technique that aims to provide an altered approach to offshore bass fishing. 

The technique involves a mushroom-style jighead and a bait, making this an incredibly simple technique to set up. 

The ned rig has a very exposed hook point, making the presentation more suitable for offshore zones. This is a large reason why the ned rig is so successful when it comes to catching smallmouth bass. Smallies will often hug offshore cover such as boulders and rocks, and this is the kind of structure you’re looking for when fishing a ned rig. 

This technique is capable of watering plenty of water, which is pretty unusual for a finesse technique. One can ‘glide’ a ned rig over plenty of offshore structure, unlike a drop shot rig, which is usually pretty stationary. 

The ned rig does require certain conditions in order to be successful. Firstly, it needs clearer water because of its smaller profile. Bass will need clear conditions to spot this bait, so if you’re fishing a clear system - you’ve hit the jackpot. 

This presentation may go unnoticed when fishing more stained water which is definitely something to take into account. 

5 of the Best Ned Rig Baits for Bass

We thought we’d list some of the most prolific ned rig soft plastics on the market today. These are all tested and proven baits from us as well as on the major circuit. The ned rig continues to grow in popularity amongst pros and recreational anglers, and is partly due to bass becoming more and more pressured. 

This technique will get bit when other familiar techniques may not be getting the job done and this is a large reason why everyone should look to test this application. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best baits for a ned rig.

Z-Man Finesse TRD

The Finesse TRD by Z-Man is simply the OG when it comes to ned rig baits. This stick bait was one of the first soft baits designed purely for the ned rig and it remains one of the most effective. 

Z-Man uses their ElaZtech material in the Finesse TRD, which gives this bait a soft and incredibly buoyant profile. This material helps with the ‘gliding’ action when fishing a ned rig. The ElaZtech material helps the Finesse TRD ‘stand up’ at the bottom. 

At 2.75 inches, Z-Man have found the perfect size and length to suit the ned rig application, and many brands have tried to emulate the Finesse TRD’s success. 

One of the key reasons for anglers always coming back to the Finesse TRD, is the durability this bait offers. One bag of these will literally last you hundreds of bass and you’ll need this durability, because this bait simply gets hammered by all bass. 

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Best Ned Rig Baits
The Finesse TRD by Z-Man

Gary Yamamoto Fat Senko

Following the rapid growth of the ned rig as a technique, Yamamoto entered the game with the Fat Senko. This 3 inch stick bait has a similar profile to the prolific Finesse TRD, while showcasing the classy elements of the legendary Senko.

The Fat Senko has a slightly bulked-up profile compared to the original Senko, meaning the bait is slightly thicker - a common trait we see in ned rig baits. 

Just like the Senko, the Fat Senko has an epic action on the fall while having a buoyant material to keep it sitting up at the bottom - a profile that seems to make bass very curious. 

Although the Fat Senko may not be as durable as the Finesse TRD, there’s no doubt that this bait will do the job equally well when it comes to getting bites. 

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Yamamoto Fat Senko Ned Rig
Yamamoto's Fat Senko

Strike King Rage Ned Craw

The ned rig with any bait is already a very good craw imitator, a large reason for this technique’s bite-getting ability. Strike King has taken this imitation up a notch and introduced the New Craw. 

The ned rig jighead will cause this bait to sit up perfectly just like any craw, making this one bait one of the best craw-imitators when put on a ned rig.

A couple of flailing limbs (pincers) add that little bit of flare to this unique bait, and at 2.75 inches, it is a perfect size to fit on any mushroom-style jighead.

Another bonus with this bait is the durability that comes with it. Anglers cannot commend the durability on the Ned Craw enough - just like the Finesse TRD!

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Strike King Rage Ned Craw
The Rage Ned Craw by Strike King

Roboworm Ned Worm

Roboworm’s take on the ned rig, the Ned Worm. As pioneers of drop shot baits, Roboworm know how to design a bait that entices an eat from any bass. 

The Ned Worm has an effortless quivering action on the fall, thanks to its extremely buoyant and soft material. This bait is also loaded with salt - helping with a slightly faster fall rate and a longer hold after a bite. 

A detailed texture on the Ned Worm gives it an even more lifelike profile, and Roboworm have also included some of the colors that made them and their Straight-Tailed Worm so famous today. 

When it comes to finesse fishing, you simply can’t ignore Roboworm!

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The Ned Worm by Roboworm

Strike King Ned Ocho Worm

The Ocho was Strike King’s effort to emulate the success of the Senko. They did a pretty good job and the Ocho remains one of the most prolific stick baits out there. 

The Ned Ocho is basically the same as what Yamamoto did with the Fat Senko - making a slight alteration to an already successful pattern to meet the requirements of the ned rig application. 

This 2.75 inch bait is the same length as the Finesse TRD - a proven size for this technique. The detailed patterns on the Ned Ocho helps give this bait an epic quivering action both on the fall and when twitched on the bottom. 

The Ned Ocho also features some of Strike King’s finest hand-poured colors, which are all proven to dominate in their respective water clarities. 

Strike King is a brand that continues to dominate the soft bait scene and we’ll continue to promote their epic innovations. 

We recommend comparing the Ned Ocho, the Fat Senko, the Finesse TRD, and the Roboworm Ned Worm. They’re all incredible ned rig baits with similar profiles, and many say it comes down to personal preference. 

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Best Baits for the Ned Rig
Strike King's Ned Ocho

Wrapping Up

The ned rig is a powerful option if you're into finesse fishing. The above mentioned baits are a perfect starting point if you're looking to try out of the technique, and you'll be stunned at how even the most finicky of bass react to them.

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