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Best Ned Rig Head Size for Bass: Tip & Tricks

The ned rig, like other finesse techniques, is one that just simply catches fish. It may not look the most appealing to us, but bass love it and it’s a powerful technique to master. There’s often a misconception of what ned rig jighead to select, and this post aims to give you a clear idea on what size ned rig head you should be throwing.

Best Ned Rig Head Size for Bass: Tip & Tricks

What is a Ned Rig for Bass Fishing?

The ned rig is a finesse technique featuring a jighead, and a stubby, shorter profile soft plastic bait. It’s a technique that thrives when fishing offshore for smallmouth but can also be a weapon to targeting largemouth around shore-based cover.

The subtle, non-impeding profile of a ned rig has turned it into one of the most powerful fish-catching techniques bass fishing has been. It may not be the best looking, but wow, it just works.

There is a common misconception around the ned rig as many think it’s purely a deep water, offshore technique. The ned rig can be altered to be fished in and around almost any form of water, making it a pretty versatile finesse application.

How Deep Do You Fish a Ned Rig?

The ned rig can be fished in a wide range of depths, and this is where tackle and gear come into consideration.

If you’re looking to fish deeper zones (15-30ft+), you can adjust various parts of your ned rig setup, such as using a heavier jighead.

The ned rig can also be fished around more shallow cover (3-10ft). For this situation, you’ll want to use a lighter jig head — stalling your ned rig from reaching the bottom.

What Size Ned Rig Head to Use for Bass: Making a Selection

The size ned rig jighead you use should depend on the depth you’re fishing. As mentioned, the ned rig can be fished around various forms of cover and different depths, and the size jighead should be selected on where you’re throwing your ned rig.

Going Deeper: Fishing Offshore with the Ned RIg

If you’re looking to fish offshore and target smallies in deeper water, you’ll need to use a heavier jighead. This will ensure that your bait gets right to the bottom and in the strike zones of your target fish.

When it comes to what size, 1/4oz or 1/5oz is a suitable option if you’re looking to fish deep water.

In terms of hook size, a size #1 is a popular option.

Going Shallow: Fishing Banks with the Ned Rig

Shallower water is often the most pressured water on a system, so a ned rig can be a great way to get bass to bite.

You’ll want to downsize in weight when fishing shallower water. This will add subtlety to your presentation and delay the fall accordingly. With this technique, you’ll often get bit on the initial fall. Like other finesse presentations, a subtle fall is the best fall.

When it comes to what size to choose, you can go as light as 1/16oz, however, 3/16oz might be a better option for the added weight for casting.

A smaller hook is often preferred here, so you can look to a 1/0 size.


There is no best size ned rig jighead for bass. It very much depends on where you're fishing your ned rig.

If you're going to fish deeper, use a heavier jighead such as a 1/4oz, and if you're looking to fish shallow, a 1/16oz or 3/16 will give you the ideal finesse presentation.

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