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Abu Garcia Revo SX

Abu Garcia Revo SX Review

Rated 80/100 overall based on feedback from 1 users
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The Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcasting reel is another successful member of the Revo series. The strong reel offers a smooth, forgiving experience, and many have rated this as a favorite in the Revo series.

Estimated price: $170
  • Available in 6.6:1 and 7.3:1 gear ratios
  • 10 ball bearings
  • Magnetic braking system
  • 24lb max drag

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Extremely strong, but smooth casting reel
  • C6 carbon sideplates contribute to the lightweight feel of the reel
  • Same frame as Revo X which is light and durable
  • Versatile reel which can cast various lure weights, with reduced threat of backlash
  • 10 high-quality ball bearings ensure modern smoothness
  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater, will require rinse after being used in saltwater
  • 24lbs of max drag helps bring fish out of serious cover, as well as handling bass of any size with ease
  • Magnetic brakes are easily adjustable for fine-tuning
  • Affordable reel that provides premium performance

Reasons not to buy

  • Some users are finding issues with the side plates on the reel, saying they fall off occasionally. We saw this issue with the Revo X as well
  • Quite a few users say that the Curado series, or the Tatula series are way ahead of this reel, but these are mixed opinions
  • Some users have had issues with grinding of gears

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Bottom Line

The Revo SX is an interesting topic. Many have a serious love for this reel, and love the strength as well as smoothness which it provides. Some users have a problem with the durability of the reel, and recommend going for something such as the Curado K and Tatula CT. We highly regard Abu Garcia as a brand and still have read some overwhelmingly positive reviews about the Revo SX. If you're an Abu Garcia fan, this reel may be a great option for you, and the price tag might be attractive to you as well.


About the brand

Abu Garcia's influence on the sportfishing community is simply unmatched. The company remains firmly committed to maintaining its industry leadership position by providing anglers with the highest quality, and the most innovative products.

Abu Garcia has also taken a very noticeable interest in bass fishing, providing some of the most advanced and innovative gear in the industry.

Professionals working with Abu Garcia:

  • Mike Iaconelli
  • Fletcher Shryock
  • Bobby Lane