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Daiwa Zillion SV TW

Daiwa Zillion SV TW Review

Rated 95.8/100 overall based on feedback from 3 users
Drag Quality
Reel Value

Daiwa's Zillion SV TW has already won some impressive awards, but what makes this reel so special? Here's all you need to know.

Estimated price: $349
  • Available in 6.3:1, 7.1:1, and 8.5:1 gear ratios
  • 9 ball bearings
  • Centrifugal braking system
  • 11lb max drag

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Compact reel with a 100 spool size - very palmable but big enough spool for line capacity
  • Anglers absolutely love how smooth, but also how quiet this reel is
  • Bass anglers love how compatible this reel is with lighter presentations - something that most traditional baitcasting reels struggle with!
  • The T-Wing System is a proven winner for Daiwa, playing a key role in line lay and smooth line flow for efficient and far casting
  • Anglers love the braking system on this reel. The Air Brake System is designed to cast light presentations with accuracy and forgiveness
  • Incredibly light reel coming in at 6.7 ounces
  • Winner of the best freshwater reel at iCast 2021

Reasons not to buy

  • This reel is slightly on the pricey side
  • Otherwise, we've only heard good things about the Zillion SV TW

Reviews from our Readers

3 users
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Drag Quality
Reel Value
Overall rating
Reviewed by:
Feb 20, 2023
You can feel the quality the second you pick this reel up. Casts beautifully, even with weightless presentations and is incredibly smooth on all accounts. Can't find a reason to look at any other reel but the Zillion at this stage.
Overall rating
Reviewed by: Travis McGee
Feb 20, 2023
Hands down the best reel I’ve ever used. You can cast a weightless fluke a mile with it and it’s great for any application especially casting light baits. The double bearings supported pinion and drive gear also make for a durable reel for pitching and flipping. There’s nothing this reel won’t do extremely well in fact I think it’s better than their Steez at half the price. Best reel Diawa has made and it’s better than the Shimano metanium. Truly incredible reel
Overall rating
Reviewed by: Cameron
Jan 27, 2023
This thing casts weightless baits like a dream! My go-to casting reel for weightless baits.

Bottom Line

The 2021 Zillion SV TW has been a huge success for Daiwa. Anglers were shocked as to how smooth this reel was, as well as how far it could cast.

Many have commended the forgiveness of this reel as well, thanks for the Air Brake System from Daiwa.

One also has to mention how comfortable this reel is to fish with - something that we're seeing the huge brands strive for in modern reels.

From what we can see, the Zillion SV TW from Daiwa is a masterpiece!


About the brand

Daiwa played a key role in the development of new materials in fishing gear. Daiwa was the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate graphite to both reel bodies and rotors. They also began using densely packed carbon fibers for fishing rods, which created a whole new outlook on rod development.

Daiwa's innovative personality has changed the whole ideology of fishing gear development, and has led to them becoming arguably the biggest name in all fishing. Daiwa also became extremely big in the bass industry, and have some of the most premier reels and rods in their collection.

Some professionals who work with Daiwa:

  • Brandon Palaniuk
  • Brent Ehrler
  • Cody Meyer
  • Jared Lintner

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