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Lew's KVD Crankbait Casting Rod

Lew's KVD Crankbait Casting Rod Review

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The KVD Crankbait is designed by one of the best bass anglers of all time and more specifically one of the best crankbait anglers of all time. Kevin VanDam knows exactly what is needed in a crankbait rod to achieve the best action as well as the most solid hooksets. A classic moderate action gives this rod the ultimate parabolic bend for the more crisp hooksets. This is without a doubt one of the better crankbait rods in this price region.

Estimated price: $99
  • Premium IM8 Graphite/Glass composite blank
  • Stainless steel guides with Aluminum-oxide inserts and Zirconia insert tops
  • EVA foam split grip
  • Lew's proprietary Full Contact reel seat

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • Designed by a master of crankbaits, Kevin VanDam'
  • KVD is a firm believer in composite blanks for crankbaits
  • Classic glass/composite blank. Many still feel this is the best material for the ideal rod action for a crankbait
  • A parabolic action is preferred for setting treble hooks
  • Rod loads impressively, making it ideal for those long casts
  • Sensitive rod for all techniques, especially for working deep crankbaits along the bottom
  • Split EVA foam grip is comfortable for longer casting
  • Sturdy reel seat which is in contact with the blank, which aids sensitivity
  • Many say this is the best cranking rod you'll get in this price region
  • Budget-friendly with class crankbait rod components

Reasons not to buy

  • Some anglers have mentioned this rod being slightly off balance
  • Users feel the handle could be slightly longer, for the lengthier casts
  • Many anglers prefer a cork handle for cranking rods
  • Some feel glass is old school and that graphite is now the better option, even for crankbaits

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Rod Sensitivity
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Reviewed by: Jeff
Dec 02, 2022
This is how a crankbait rod should be build!

Bottom Line

The KVD Crankbait rod features classic crankbait features, and many say this rod competes with others well above its price point. We have read some impressive reviews on this rod and apart from a few minor issues, we feel that this may be the best crankbait rod you'll find in the $100 price region. That is, if you enjoy composite blanks.

Definitely worth a look if you're looking to widen your collection of technique-specific casting rods.


About the brand

In 2010 longtime Lew Childre family friend Lynn Reeves relaunched the Lew's brand. Reeves made the promise to return the Lew's name to its place of prominence in the industry. Today, Lew's continues to provide their many avid customers with products that deliver on the promise of innovation, performance and value.

Lew's has become one of the biggest name in bass fishing, and they are working with some of the most successful anglers in the sport to continue their pursuit for innovation and quality.

Professionals that work with Lew's:

  • Kevin VanDam
  • Brian Latimer
  • David Fritts