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8 Largemouth Bass Spawning Facts You Need to Know

Understand the spawning pattern for largemouth bass will greatly improve your know-how when targeting them as the season begins. Here are 8 largemouth bass spawning facts you need to know.

The Best Spawning Bass Fishing Techniques: Find Their Zones

The spawn can be a fruitful time for catching bass, but it can also be a tough one. Understanding spawning bass fishing techniques will go a long way in catching fish consistently during spring.

The Best Times To Go Bass Fishing: Catch Bass Throughout the Year

Understanding bass throughout each season will help you get fish in the boat consistently throughout the year. Some seasons are better than others, so let's look into the best times to go bass fishing.

Best Early Fall Bass Lures: 9 Essential Baits

As summer fades away, water temperatures can reach the optimal temperature for catching bass. Here we analyze some of the best early fall bass lures and different techniques for getting more fish in the boat.

When do Bass Start Hitting Topwater: When & Why

It is no secret that topwater baits don't work in colder water. This guide clearly explains when in the year you can start expecting to catch on topwater and why.

Best Bass Lures for Summer: 5 of the Best Baits for Hot Summer Days

Summertime means more boats, warmer water, and lazy bass. We dive into bait selection and look at some of the best bass lures for summer, while highlighting key patterns within this tricky season.

Best Baits for Fall Bass Fishing: 5 Lures to Smash The Fall

The fall transition in bass fishing can be a challenging time to be on the water. Bait selection is key, and here are 5 of the best baits for targeting bass during the fall.

The Best Cold Water Bass Baits: 5 Lures You Need for Winter

Winter is a tough season for getting bass to bite. There are however lures that'll make the season worth fishing. Here are the best cold water bass baits.

Best Post Spawn Bass Lures: 5 Baits You Need

The post-spawn period for bass can be tough for us bass anglers. Here are some tips and some of the best post-spawn lures you need to have in the boat.

Bass Fishing In Windy Conditions: Take it on and Catch More Fish

Bass fishing in windy conditions can be a frustrating and unpleasant operation. However, wind often brings about favorable behaviour in bass - leading to more bites and more fish in the boat.

Understanding Fall Bass Fishing Techniques: Follow the Baitfish

Fall can be an exciting but also a frustrating season for catching bass. Understanding fall bass fishing techniques will help you catch more fish as winter approaches.