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Seaguar AbrazX Review

Rated 90/100 overall based on feedback from 2 users
Abrasion Resistance
Line Value

Uniquely abrasion resistant for a fluorocarbon line while still being very manageable as a mainline.

Estimated price: $29.99
  • Perfect for heavy cover fishing thanks to incredible abrasion resistance
  • Low-memory and great castability
  • Hugely strong and low stretch to compliment its durability

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • The verdict is in on this line's abrasion resistance, it is simply incredible according to those who use it. Anglers say that AbrazX has been fantastic in heavy cover situations and gets very few knicks/weak points compared to other fluorocarbon line they have used
  • This line has been said to be very castable with low memory by the vast majority of anglers who have reviewed it
  • Low stretch with great strength making for solid hook setting ability
  • Versatile. Can be used with great results across a broad spectrum of line weights and presentation types in heavy cover. Anglers complimentary of this line reported using it with success for power techniques such as spinnerbaits and pitching while others use it with the lightest of finesse techniques
  • It lasts longer than most fluorocarbon lines on the market due to its abrasion resistance and durability. This makes it pretty cost effective

Reasons not to buy

  • It is not quite as supple and manageable as InvizX
  • Its pricey but this is to be expected in this sector of the fluorocarbon line market

Reviews from our Readers

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Abrasion Resistance
Line Value
Overall rating
Reviewed by: Anonymous
Dec 29, 2023
Fantastic line. It comes with a bit of a price tag but you can throw it into any cover with confidence.
Overall rating
Reviewed by:
Feb 06, 2023
Expensive but incredibly good fluoro. AbrazX is supple and casts very well. The key feature of this line is its abrasion resistance which is truly out of this world. Fantastic line for throwing any rig into heavy cover with confidence.

Bottom Line

Seaguar AbrazX has received very positive reviews from the vast majority of anglers who have used it. This line offers an X-factor when it comes to heavy cover fishing thanks to its incredible abrasion resistance, without compromising on castability and general manageability. This combination of factors puts AbrazX in a unique spot in the fluorocarbon market.

It should however be mentioned that while this line does offer low-memory, it is not quite as supple as some of the other premium, but less abrasion resistance players on the market such as Seaguar InvisX, Sunline Super FC Sniper or Seaguar Tatsu.

If you want an alternative to a highly-visible, braided line without having to significantly compromise on abrasion resistance and durability, you need to give this line a go.


What is the diameter of AbrazX?

AbrazX has the following line diameters per size test (lb test/inches):

  • 6/.008
  • 8/.009
  • 10/.010
  • 12/.011
  • 15/.013
  • 17/.015
  • 20/.016
  • 25/.017

About the brand

Seaguar's scientists invented fluorocarbon fishing line back in 1971, and it was their goal to pack it with high performance, never-seen-before features to help freshwater anglers everywhere catch more fish.

They are ranked as the best brand when it comes to fluorocarbon, and they are the only company who makes its own resins and controls the process from start to finish. Seaguar has also made the world's only Double Structure fluorocarbon line that combines two exclusive Seaguar resins for high performance fishing.

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Some of the professionals Seaguar works with:

  • Drew Benton
  • Matt Becker
  • Aaron Britt