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Seaguar InvizX Review

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Abrasion Resistance
Line Value

Incredibly strong, abrasion resistant, and low memory fluorocarbon. Fantastic middle of the range fluoro that offers great castability on both baitcasting and spinning reels.

Estimated price: $24.99
  • Virtually invisible to fish underwater
  • Strong, great sensitivity, and solid abrasion resistance
  • Supple. Offers great castability on both casting and spinning reels

Summarized feedback from Bass Anglers

Reasons to buy

  • This line is incredibly strong and this is the general sentiment from customers who have purchased it based on our research
  • Low memory means it can be used as a main line or a leader on both baitcasting and spinning reels
  • Suppleness of the line makes for good castability
  • Virtually invisible underwater, especially with lower test options (4lb-8lb) making it a great option for finesse or power presentations
  • Customers say that this line holds knots incredibly well
  • Incredible sensitivity for a line in this price range. Many customers have said that they can feel absolutely every bump from both cover and fish on this line

Reasons not to buy

  • While many compliment the knot strength this line offers. Some say it does not hold up to some competitors in the same price range in this regard
  • Some people have received defective versions of this line and have had random break offs as a result
  • Like any fluorocarbon, this line will twist if not spooled correctly

Reviews from our Readers

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Abrasion Resistance
Line Value
Overall rating
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Feb 06, 2023
InvizX is not cheap but it’s seriously good line. Low diameter, very supple, strong and tough. Brilliant option for just about any technique be it power or finesse.

Bottom Line

Seaguar InvisX is considered by the vast majority of people who use it as a fantastic, middle-of-the-range fluorocarbon for use as a main line or a leader. It offers the core attributes anglers seek in a fluorocarbon line without breaking the bank. With test options ranging from lb 4 to lb 25 there are Invizx options for both heavy cover outfits as well as super light finesse outfits.

From the data we have, we can confidently say that this is a solid call rounder for a main line or leader.


About the brand

Seaguar's scientists invented fluorocarbon fishing line back in 1971, and it was their goal to pack it with high performance, never-seen-before features to help freshwater anglers everywhere catch more fish.

They are ranked as the best brand when it comes to fluorocarbon, and they are the only company who makes its own resins and controls the process from start to finish. Seaguar has also made the world's only Double Structure fluorocarbon line that combines two exclusive Seaguar resins for high performance fishing.

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  • Drew Benton
  • Matt Becker
  • Aaron Britt

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